How it Works

Access the iHEAL app 

Download the mobile app or use the web tool - whichever is safest and easiest for you.

Select your language 

Select English or French.

Select your area 

Select your province or territory so that we can suggest resources that are right for you.

Create your login 

Create a unique username and password to keep your use safe and private. Don’t use a password that’s easy for others to guess, and never give your password to anyone

You will need to remember your username and password, as it is not stored in the app. There is no way to retrieve it if you forget it.

Use the app 

There are 6 areas to explore: Safety, Basic Needs, Health and Well-Being, Connecting Safely, Claiming Your Power, and Family. 

In each area, activities, topics, and resources will help you think through what’s important to you and find options to help you improve your safety, health, and well-being. Begin anywhere and look at what interests you.

Save as you go! 

Save activities, topics or resources to make them easier to find. These will show up in a special section of the app.

Find resources and services 

As you use the app, it will suggest resources and services. You can also search for resources or services in your area using keywords.

Use the app as a resource anytime - including as your needs change.